Don William Bingemer was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1991. He studied economics in Vienna, Austria. Growing up in a family of artists and art lovers, he was influenced from an early age.

His painting began in Cologne questioning the manifestation of abstract art using acrylic on mirrors. He is working with different materials, predominantly with oil on canvas. His techniques are shaped by using palette knifes, scrapers and brushes. Powerful colours and surprising details characterize his paintings.

Don held his first exhibition in Vienna in April 2018, where eighteen of his works were shown. He currently lives and works in Melbourne.

His approach of questioning everything is what he wants the viewer to internalize as well. Making people discuss, dislike and like what they see is one of Dons’ greater goals. Considering that his inspiration comes not only from world famous artists like Twombly and Rothko, but from athletes and scientists, comedians and musicians. At last it is the people around him, his family and friends which keep inspiring him. A surrounding everyone can relate to.

The creation of abstract art and its’ accompanying subjectivity, is part of what encourages him to strive ever forward. He describes his work as a constant confrontation of himself but also with the people and the environment surrounding him. This can be fascinating as well as intimidating.