Melbourne-based German artist, Don William Bingemer (b. 1991, Germany), has been working with different mediums for the past several years.

Originally an economist, Bingemer blended his self-taught art with his emotional expressiveness — bringing about a perfect ensemble of social interaction.

Bingemer’s evolution to becoming an artist isn’t about him as a person but rather about challenging norms and questioning the status quo. His unorthodox way of discovering and creating is intriguing.





An outburst of excitement describes best what I feel working as an artist. To enjoy the freedom of being in an environment where emotions and feelings are accepted is one I humbly enjoy. On the way to my studio or while working, I let loose vocal and mental screams: “WOOOH! WOOOH!”

There is gesture and movement when I work, but there also is silence and pure concentration. My work is diverse, I don’t stick to a single medium. There are large and small works, stretched and unstretched, there are canvases and mirrors, there are installation and sculpture. There are wild series where there seems to be no structure. Vast, bright, intense colour. And there are linear works with straight lines, a certain order and less colour. I don’t limit myself to be one kind of maker. As an artist I choose the freedom to work with different mediums such as oil and acrylic. These might be dominant within my work, but I don’t confine myself to them and therefore I don’t confine my art.

I transform emotional expression into the flat ground of canvases and mirrors. The process of all my art is very energetic. When I make art, I overcome obstacles by physically doing something. BAAANG! BAAANG! That’s what my art is about. Triggering social interaction, accepting the other. I can tell you what I see and feel rather than explain to you what you might want to hear. My art challenges you to experience what you like and dislike. What colour, forms, structure or certain words and phrases do to you. They make you question as well as they make you feel. 

 My art serves as a bridge builder between you ‘the viewer’ and me ‘the artist’. I create, trying to build a room for discussion, knowing that art in the first place is for you and your very own subjective eye, your context of living. Forget about trying to understand everything; some things don’t have an explanation.  My work needs you ‘the viewer’ as much as it needs me ‘the artist’ behind it to come fully alive.

Why wait until tomorrow? I will continue to POCK! SMASH! POCK! SMASH!